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Lockdown auction of paintings for Mind

Facing the disappointment of spending two weeks at home instead of on holiday in Cornwall due to the coronavirus lockdown, I set myself a challenge of painting a Cornish sketch a day to console myself and to try and help cheer up other members of the family too. 

I dug out my sketchbooks and photos from many previous visits to the county and set to work, experimenting with different styles of painting at a small scale. As I went on, I sent photos of the paintings, one each day, to the family and to friends who I thought might be interested in seeing what was I was getting up to. 

The paintings seemed to go down well and I was asked if they were for sale. Having to shield from the virus, but wanting to do something to help out as well as staying at home, I thought I could auction the 14 paintings shown below in aid of Mind, a charity dedicated to promoting better mental health. Mind has launched an emergency appeal to help people deal with the impact the pandemic is having on mental health.

So invitations to bid for a painting went out. Generous bids came in exceeding my expectations. Thank you to all of you who took part.


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