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"Light in the Landscape" – Comments

I have been overwhelmed by the generous comments visitors have shared in the visitors book. Here they are in full:

"Super work!"

"Amazing work! Beautiful exhibition."

"Stunning pieces, Rod. Keep it up!"

"So much detail! Love the local views."


"I have known him for 40 years. Talent is timeless."

"Fantastic. I enjoyed everything. I felt I could walk into your paintings. Well done!"

"Lovely surprise to see your great landscapes."

"Superb! Thank you."

"Absolutely astounding and amazing."

"Beautiful and stunning pieces Rod!"

"FANTASTIC! – Now for the music!"

"Superb. Excellent detail."

"Light in the winter. Just what we need. Great!"

"Wonderful! I love the Stoneywell roof top!"

"Love the local ones of Charnwood."

"Amazing art. Captured the landscape perfectly. Top marks!"

"Very enjoyable exhibition. Congratulations!"

"Love the wonderful light in all the paintings. Great!"

"Absolutely fantastic! Keep up the good work."

"Excellent artist. Stunning pictures."

"Brilliant! A soothing experience. Love the artwork."

"Love it all!"

"Very good. I find them realistic."


"Lovely! Particularly love the Moat Road view – first tree I ever climbed!"

"Beautiful! Very talented artist."

"Favourite piece: 'View Towards West Malvern'. Captured the light well in all the Beacon Hill pictures – GORGEOUS!"

"Really lovely works, Rod. Look fascinating up close and then striking from a distance. Thoroughly enjoyed our visit here!"

"Beautiful work, Rod. I love the colours and plays on light. Fantastic exhibition!"

"Lovely work, you're getting better and better as you (and I) get older and older!

"Lovely as ever. You love all my favourite places. I need a bigger house to take any home with me!"

"We loved looking at your paintings and discussing how you have cleverly used paint to create shadows, reflections and water. All very beautiful. Thanks for sharing."

"Excellent – everyone. Wait until I win the lottery, Rod!"

"I just love the ones with snow! Keep having to come back to look at them again. I feel I'm IN them. Magical. No wonder they've sold!"

"Wow! So beautiful! The light is incredible. Well done Rod Shaw!"

"Almost like photos. So real. Love the perspective. Feel like I could walk into the scenes."

"Beautiful! Very uplifting to see the collection. Great that we have this facility in Loughborough and can visit in the lunch hour!"

"Brilliant! Thanks for sharing them."

"Your love of the outdoors shines through. Such wonderful use of light. Very inspiring for a walker and would-be artist!! Thank you!"

"Absolutely fabulous. Well worth travelling to view."

"Enjoyed your exhibition, thanks Rod. Love the light on Sheringham beach particularly, and the tree in the hedgerow in the snow. Great to see your work in this space."

"Beautiful exhibition."

"Loved it! Glad we could make it."

"Fab exhibition!"

"Stunningly evocative, uplifting and inspiring!"

"Stunning use of light."

"Very impressive."

"Love the pen and ink sketches best but paintings are also evocative. Thanks."

"Brilliant! Beautiful! Awe inspiring!"

"Inspiring work, Rod. Thank you for producing such an excellent exhibition."

"Stunning! Thank you."

"Give up the day job! Excellent – my only constructive critiscim – too photographic."

"Really beautiful, stunning!"


"A lovely collection of local landscapes!"

"Stunning use of light."

"Beauty in simplicity."


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